Transforming Research in the Pet Food and Supplement Industry

PupSupp Research is the first USDA-approved research facility to rescue, aide, train, and rehome dogs participating in our noninvasive research studies. 

Advancements in Canine Research for Elevated Pet Nutrition

At PupSupp Research, our unwavering commitment lies in pioneering minimally invasive research within the pet food and supplement market. Our dedication to noninvasive testing and focus on AAFCO feeding trials and palatability testing set us apart from conventional research facilities.

About Us

We prioritize the overall well-being of dogs, striving to enhance both their nutritional health and behavior.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide outstanding care and conduct compassionate research in the pet food and pet supplement industry, with a central focus on prioritizing the well-being of the animals under our supervision.

A Cutting-Edge Laboratory

The PupSupp Research facility is just minutes from Texas A&M. We are revolutionizing the pet food and supplement market and setting the standard for compassionate research as the first USDA-approved research facility to pioneer non-invasive testing.


Why Validating Product Claims Matters

Improve Quality of Life

Rigorously validated pet food and dog supplements mean consumers can be confident that they are helping their best fur friends live their best fur lives.

More Effective Products

Controlled testing environments combined with a diverse range of eager and lovable testers providing new insights into product development

Enhanced Quality Control

Our dedicated team of veterinary experts and certified professionals utilize nutrition-based testing methods to ensure the highest quality standards.

Discover Our Research Process

Transformative Advancements in Canine Research

Discover the groundbreaking strides we are making in the pet food and supplement industry through our innovative, non-invasive canine research. The transformative impact of our studies  redefine the standards and insights that shape the future of pet nutrition. Gain valuable insights into how our non-invasive approach sets new benchmarks for understanding and enhancing the well-being of companion animals.  


“We are the first USDA-approved research facility to rescue, care for, train, and rehome the dogs in our noninvasive research studies.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Palatability Study??

Palatability means that taste agrees with the subject. You do this at home every time you give your dog a new food or supplement, it’s testing whether the canine agrees with the taste of the product.

What kind of dog breeds do you use?

One thing that sets us apart is we use a broad array of breeds, whereas many facilities usually use beagles or labs exclusively. We want our studies to be as close to real-world application as possible.

Where do you get dogs for your studies?

We rescue dogs from shelters, many on the kill list, and take care of all their health and happiness needs.

What is life like for your dogs?

 Our dogs live in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility on 10 acres of land with multiple dog runs and play yards. We follow USDA protocol on feeding, cleaning, and exercise.

What happens to the dogs when the study is over?

We house our dogs until we find a food fit for adoption. We also train our dogs using Lucky Dog commands. They also get plenty of playtime and cuddles.

What are the guidelines for your facility?

Guidelines are based on USDA and APHIS Blue Book

Why is this business needed?

We provide research and development for Dog Food and Supplement to successfully measure consumption in a controlled environment to evaluate if the product is palatable, acceptable, and enjoyable for canines.

What happens if a dog refuses to eat the product?

We have extra dogs in every study so we can still get accurate findings if a dog needs to be removed from the study. We will continue to take care of the dog but will change their dietary needs however necessary.

We're happy to answer any questions!