USDA Registered Canine Research facility dedicated to the Pet Food/Supplement Market

Analytical Laboratory

Cutting-edge Analytical Laboratory. Experience the latest in analytical testing with our advanced laboratory equipment. 

Woman in white lab coat wearing safety glasses looks at lab specimens.

Advanced Testing Capabilities for Nutritional Content and Contaminant Detection

At PupSupp Research, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to analyze pet food and supplements comprehensively. Our advanced testing capabilities allow us to determine the nutritional content and detect any contaminants, ensuring the highest quality products for your furry friends.

Structure, safety, and consistency are key in all our fully customizable protocol studies. Conducting this meaningful research is done with canine health being our top priority

Nutritional Content

The latest technologies to validate benefit claims and test palatability.

Contaminant Detection

Pushing the boundaries of canine research to improve pet nutrition.

Advancing Canine Research for Better Pet Health

PupSupp Research’s Analytical Laboratory is a pioneering facility dedicated to advancing the field of pet nutrition. Focusing on noninvasive research and benefit claim validation, we strive to improve the health and well-being of our furry friends.

We have an on-site manager and employees on the property around the clock, with a partner Veterinarian on call day and night.

Safety & Toxicity Studies

Studies to validate safety and toxicity in pet food and supplements. 

Palatability Testing

Advancing the field of pet nutrition with the addition of our palatability testing.