The Story Behind Our Company

PupSupp Research is a USDA Registered Canine Research facility dedicated to the Pet Food/Supplement Market. We prioritize non-invasive testing and benefit claim validation to ensure the health and well-being of our furry friends.

Innovative Research Facility Dedicated to Canine Nutrition and Well-being

PupSupp Research is the first USDA Registered Canine Research facility focused on conducting minimally invasive AFFCO feeding trials and palatability research for the Pet Nutrition and Supplement industry. 

Transforming Pet Food Research for a Healthier Future

At PupSupp Research, we are dedicated to conducting non-invasive AAFCO nutrition and palatability testing for the pet food and supplement industry. Our innovative methods provide numerous benefits, ensuring the well-being of our furry friends.

Minimally Invasive

We prioritize the health and happiness of dogs, utilizing nutrition-based testing methods.

Ethical Approach

Our research facility is committed to conducting companion animal and pet food research humanely.

We Are the FIRST…

PupSupp Research is the first of it’s kind to provide “forever” homes to the dogs that take part in our AFFCO nutritional and supplement testing.

As part of our core mission, we rescue dogs from kill shelters and provide them with the care and improvement they need to thrive. Our certified professionals work tirelessly to ensure that each dog receives the nutrition, behavior training, and veterinary care necessary to lead a happy, healthy life with us and with their “forever” adoptive family.


Pawsitive Impact – Transforming Lives

Every rescued dog carries a tale of resilience and hope waiting to be shared. Through compassionate care and unwavering commitment, we transform the lives of these deserving animals. From the moment they find sanctuary in our arms to the joyous day they embark on a new journey with their forever families, we witness the profound impact of love and compassion. We’re not just rescuing dogs, we’re reshaping destinies, one heartwarming adoption at a time.

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Become a Partnered Adoption Organization

Join us in making a difference by adopting, partnering, or donating today.